Creating Your
Abundant Legacy


Custom Solutions
for Individuals & Business

Creative Solutions

Delivering innovative and tailored solutions to meet unique personal and business challenges.

Growth Strategies

Developing comprehensive and effective strategies to drive sustainable business growth and expansion.


Expert guidance on optimal accounting practices to ensure financial accuracy, compliance, and transparency.


Providing tailored advice on business structures to enhance operational efficiency, support growth, and maximise potential.

About Your Business Group

Creating Your Abundant Legacy

We provide expert business advisory services, including strategic planning, detailed valuations, and support for tax efficiency, liability management, and family business transitions. Our tailored solutions ensure your business thrives from startup to succession planning, helping you create your abundant legacy.

Strategic Excellence

Delivering tailored business advisory services that drive growth and success

Build Relationships

Fostering strong, long-lasting client partnerships based on trust and collaboration

Personalised Solutions

Offering customised support to meet the unique needs of each business at every stage

Long-term Success

Focusing on sustainable growth and effective succession planning to help create your abundant legacy


Planning your future together



Engage with our expert advisors to understand your business needs and craft tailored strategies for success


Develop comprehensive, actionable plans that align with your long-term goals and ensure sustainable growth


Optimise your resources and investments to maximise returns and drive your business forward


Secure a prosperous future with strategic retirement planning that aligns your personal and business goals


Our Most Popular Services

Business Advisory

We provide strategic insights and tailored solutions through our Business Advisory Service to support your business’s growth and success at every stage.

Structuring Advice

Our Structuring Advice service provides tailored guidance on optimising business structures to enhance operational efficiency, protect assets, and support long-term growth.

Outsourcing CFO Services

Gain expert financial leadership and strategic insights to manage your business’s finances effectively and drive growth without needing a full-time in-house CFO.


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Our Happy Customers

A Satisfied Customer is the best business strategy of all

Your Business Group has been a game-changer for my business, providing invaluable insights and practical solutions that have significantly boosted our efficiency and productivity. Their expertise and personalised approach have made a remarkable difference, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Peter S


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Vishnu Naidu and YBG for over a decade. YBG is truly a trusted advisor and always looks to add value to their clients and network beyond compliance and the numbers. Vishnu has an amazing network that he brings together to support clients and is always looking to support both their current needs and long-term strategic goals. Vishnu and his team truly care about people and will always go the extra mile to deliver for clients. Vishnu’s passion is infectious, and he knows how to deliver.

Sam M


We are duplex builders in Qld, and Your Business Group have been referring their clients to us for over 7 years. They do thorough research and advise their clients on different opportunities that are available. They care for their clients and offer a valuable service, guiding them through the process.

Paula H



Tailored Accounting and Business Services


Tailored Business Solutions

Receive bespoke strategies and advice designed to meet the unique needs of my business


Personalised Financial Planning

Benefit from customized financial plans that align with my specific goals and aspirations

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our seasoned advisors, who provide strategic insights tailored to your business needs.

Comprehensive Support
Access a wide range of services, from strategic planning and business valuations to tax efficiency and succession planning, ensuring all aspects of your business are covered.
Customised Solutions
Enjoy personalised strategies and financial plans designed to meet your unique business goals and challenges, ensuring optimal outcomes and sustainable growth.
Proven Results
Trust in our track record of helping businesses achieve their objectives, with tailored strategies that drive growth, efficiency, and long-term success.